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  • dinkylinker dinkylinker Feb 19, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    What's your opinion of the SPO rebound chart from seeking alpha?

    I believe it, and this time the pps will rebound sooner, because of many new players on board.

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    • hy vinny? great advice in that "seeking alpha" internet article but advertising what alot of us have known 4 years is a drag. Pretty soon a teenage hacker is going to know every trick in and out of book, got to order some more chinese food with some dai jug woopey and eggrolls, later

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    • Well, the author did not indicate the amount to "buy" each time there is an SPO. Does he mean that we double down each time? Also, he assumes an infinite cash source to keep buying and buying. It always looks good on paper.

    • Right on article however a quil look at ARR historical prices and volume sheds no surprises here , that last SPO was 5-6 in last 4-5 years. Check out the NFLX forum vinny as it is full of paranoid shorts with SEC conspiracy theories regarding locked bid/ask lot prices and other #$%$ that has been happenning before the movie "Trading PLaces" made the fall of Leeman Bros laughable, Now of course the banks{major ones} and GM are govt insured as well as AIG and the war-caterer HAL,time to hit the platform for a quil spread check and rest.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ya vinny, the guards turned the AC back on so you can use the PC in that cell convict?Check out the graph on MU ,,aint it lovely with that double bottom and tight midriff,,a day traders paradise like aapl..later maybee

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    • What new players are you talking about?

    • That article does not account for dividend cuts and their effect on price. Also, if you doi exactly what the article says you could buy the day after an SPO, hold it waiting for the price recovery and run smack into another SPO and get slaughtered. Be very careful. Buying on an SPO price drop is good strategy but holding it waiting for a mechanical price recovery point can lead to losses........

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