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  • ironroad45 ironroad45 May 22, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    WHAT HAPPEN to $7.PLUS a share

    Is MANAGEMENT Sucking your money into a LOSING "Red" hole of tax write-off LOSSES?

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    • "..."YOUR"(eroding stock price) money into a LOSING "red" hole of tax write-off LOSSES?"

      WHAT HAPPEN to $7.PLUS a share?... SPO's, DILUTION, Dividend CUTS, and Management FEES Paid on funds managed...."NOT" on RETURN on INVESTMENTS.

    • My friend iguanaman_99 you are still here I was afraid you sold out. Eugene is the only one here that makes statements that are encouraging. He almost makes me want to buy back in. I will get some ARR if it goes under $5.00 as that is when all the hedge funds will dump. At least Eugene makes me have a little hope for recovery here. I suspect under $5 may be soon then back up the truck and start loading

      Sentiment: Hold

    • iron,
      Your post is complete nonsense. Because you haven't identified which money is being sunk into what tax write off losses I will just point something out for you. I wish you would offer the rest of us the same courtesy.

      According to my brokerage account ARR has $1BB in cash and equivalents as of QE12013.

      That is about 48% of their market cap. If 770MM of the 1BB is true cash, and the rest is cash held in overnight money market accounts for eventual distribution to us, we can call the 48% more like 36%.

      As management goes, they have lot's of cash, to apply towards the future economic conditions. So they aren't sinking cash into red holes. Not sure what a red hole is. But rather they are positioned to buy more paper with low current face values and higher interest payments.

      What can they do with 770 MM cash between now and the next time you squish a (tu.rd) across our screens?

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