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  • legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Jun 12, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    I have a solutiont that will take this stock to the top. What do you think about this/

    This stock is being manipulated due to its low price. Now, the financials are fine not get, but there is no reason to be worried about the dividend stopping. I have some solutions that will save this stock and make money for the investors:
    1. A 10 for 1 reverse split that will put this stock today at around 65.00 this will prevent the manipulation of it and focus on a foudation point.
    2. Dividends no longer paid monthly, but Quarterly. I love getting dividends each month but why take the hit every month, we can just take a bigger hit every 3 months.
    3. Dividend would be 70 cents each quarter more or less, regular dividend times 10 gives us dividend per share. This would give the stock time to build without the out flow of funds. The duration would also be extendend which would mean the transactions would decrease. But interest period increase which may equal more daily average interest on funds.

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