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  • fergadan fergadan Aug 16, 2009 7:55 PM Flag

    LOL!!! I just love it when don't_mind_him_being a dumbass


    Not angry here don't_be_ such_a_dumb_ass.
    I just forget to add the LOL!! I enjoy laughing at your dumb ass every day!!!! :)

    Go buy some more of that DIA you were bragging about last year before it went from 140 to 70. Oh, the pain!!
    How did your bragadocious BS go? Wash, rinse, and repeat....Should be; wash, lose your ass, repeat. LOL!!
    Lookey here

    Better not blow your social security don't_be_such_a_dumb_ass. Everyone knows you can't hold a job. BWWWAAHHHHHAAAAAHAAAAAAA!!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Such a childish reply. And for your information, I was 86% cash at the peak. I shorted 500 to 800 shares on the down leg and the latest rebound got me to just over 1100 shares to play with. I'm sitting on my hands now waiting for the market to pick a direction. Until then, I'll buy the dips, sell the rallies and try to never hold overnight.

      Personally, I think we'll have a W shaped recovery. Maybe two back to back. No pain, just gain - net. Only a fool would have bought DIA at $140 and sold at $70 as you have suggested. Then again, that proposition would have been a bit better than your current play in Voyant.

      You have so much to learn.

      Got Voyant?