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  • fergadan fergadan Aug 21, 2009 8:17 AM Flag

    Fat pig dmml has no life.


    You are an idiot. Voyant is nowhere near dead, but you are if you don't go on a diet! LOL!! Also, VOYT is only a small portion of my holdings. Unlike you (sitting on your hands like a coward) I have been buying into many bargain stocks since feb and mar and have done extremely well.
    Sorry fool, the smart money was buying while you had already lost all yours in DIA!!! LOL!!
    Try these from march amature, TCK, TIN, MHR, XTXI, PLD, C, SAY, and more. Not only are you fat and stupid, but cowardly too. DUH...gimme DIA, all in.....yuck yuck

    GOT DIA!!
    "Only a fool would buy DIA at 140 and sell at 70" LOL!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You might want to review your list of stocks. Not looking very good. Oh, right, you bought all of them at the low so you're up on everything. Not!

      The market is overbought and the correction is going to happen overnight. So don't count on a stop loss to save you.

      I'm happy with a more conservative approach and get in and out of DIA as the opportunity presents itself. I'll take 0.10, 0.25 or .50 a day anytime. It's all about the volume when you nickel and dime your way to a profit. I'm roughly 50% percent Vanguard mutual funds and 50% cash to day trade. It works for me so I don't give a rats ass what you think.

      BTW: If you're the such a great trader, why are you down here owning Voyant? Did someone feed you a bad tip? Don't know how to get to the SEC filings? Try for a start. It helps to read the filings before you buy individual stocks.

      Don't bother replying. I'm done with your candy ass bullshit.