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  • theneighborhoodbully theneighborhoodbully Nov 17, 2000 10:58 AM Flag

    Bully's$ flowed out @ 6 1/2 today +3/16

    overnight. Was looking for a better pop but a small gain beats dead money or a loss. I'll be back can2can.

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    • YES???????

      • 1 Reply to can2can2000
      • CCK wasn't a value at 6+ eh?

        Hi everyone: Is the Div. kept?
        by: can2can2000
        (63/M) 11/16/00 9:18 pm
        Msg: 2631 of 2739

        Suspect dividend will be history after 4th quarter payout
        in February. Wouldn't look for a value play on
        dividend, but the stock's certainly a value at $6+. Look

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        For someone whose handle hints industry knowledge you
        blew it again big time. Now you think some quick $$$
        at 4+? ~30+% DOWN from your recent "value" buy in 2
        f^&ken days!!!

        <<Re: These rookies don't
        know the sector
        by: can2can2000 (63/M) 11/18/00
        10:35 pm
        Msg: 2729 of 2739

        Neff bought some
        token shares when he joined the BOD. No big deal. The
        big deal that most of these posters seem not to
        understand is that management took CCK where it is today,
        and if most of those Neanderthals are not sent
        packing with Slick, this baby will continue to flounder
        for a long, long time.

        CCK will not belly-up,
        IMHO. And, yes, in the near term, a buy at $4+ will
        probably make some quick bucks. But, I fear as long as the
        old gang is rumbling around the 2nd and 3rd floors,
        this will be a stagnant issue. I met CONway a long
        time ago when he was with CCC, and I thought he was
        smart enough to recognize incompetence. Maybe he is,
        and has been biding his time so as not to cross
        Slick. First quarter housecleaning will tell.

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        couldn't tell the top from the bottom of a can without a
        Palm County arrow on the label but I know about making
        bucks. The instant gratification of the quick kind are
        my favorite. Something about compound vs simple.
        Even a doofus like me prefers the former. So tell
        doofus Bully and the rookies: Your relationship to CCK?
        Position in CCK and cost basis? You've been posting and
        insulting on this board for some time. We await your EXPERT
        opinion AND credentials.

        Ursa_major undress babe;
        you are in short skirt, no? If you follow funds and
        analyst opinons you'll be broke. Best contrary indicators
        I've found. Its not by accident people lose $$$ in the
        market its by design.
        Bully follows the specialist.
        Shorted CCK after sucker head fake all the way down
        Friday. Suspect, not certain, he covered @ 4 1/4 at
        close. If he did there's hope for up move Monday after
        taking out open sellers. We shall see. Whatever he does,
        if I see it I copy. Kind of like cheating on a exam
        from the smartest kid. I don't care if it goes to 1 or
        10 just so I'm going with it not against it.

        Alan Greenspan blew it by not moving to neutral bias.
        Means squat since he raised rates 2 or 3 times before
        after becoming neutral. Implications? He wants the
        market lower? Why? Brown-nose his new boss whichever
        clown goes to the WhiteHouse. Relief TRADING rally
        either way but more with Bush than Gore. 80% odds
        DemoCRAP recession early next year. Christmas sales will
        be punk. Foods, long bond already moving.

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