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  • nip7890 nip7890 Jul 24, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

    $5 share price!!!

    Ok - now that I've got your attention...

    EMRI shares continue to be severely undervalued. On the basis of most fundamental metrics, the shares should be much higher. If we look to a similar company I would compare with GIGA. If we compare the two, EMRI is greatly undervalued. If we go by price/sales, GIGA trades 3 times higher than EMRI with P/S of 0.45. However, while GIGA is losing money and sales are depressed, EMRI has turned the corner towards profitability and is increasing sales year over year.

    Let's put the individual concerns with management and history aside for the moment - is there anyone who believes the shares are not undervalued today? If so, present your case. Otherwise, it's time to be stocking up on shares - as quarterly results come in, eventually people are going to begin to notice that the shares should be trading much higher - minimally at $1.25 to $1.50 for what we have today.

    Bottom line - a $5 million market cap for this company is completely unjustified - there is absolutely no reason it should be so low.

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    • Mr Guru, we are all anxiously awaiting your opinion on what is transpiring Please enlighten us.

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      • Continued progress is being made. Margins are improving, costs are going down, backlog is growing. When you review the results in the proper context, they were really very good all around. Once sales pick up, the company will be solidly profitable. Bottom line, now is the time to be acquiring shares - before everything becomes perfectly clear to the rest of the investing community.

        With EMRI and other similar companies that do government business, you also need to consider that the US government is still under the sequester. There are many companies that do business with the US government that are seeing their sales hit hard. That EMRI is not experiencing a similar contraction is a very good sign.

        Commercial airline/entertainment sales are very good and I think will be growing as it is becoming a standard/requirement across the industry. As an example, I took a number of flights on Southwest Airlines over the past few weeks and they are now providing in-flight TV and internet across a growing percentage of the fleet. It's going to be similar with other airlines - this will be standard in the future with all airlines across their entire fleets.

        What's your view?

    • You are obviously another shill. Carmine has been saying the same thing for 5 years. He needs to go and then you will go away too. Saying is one thing, happening is something different and it is not happening. When the Board figures out he is using this job as his 401K, and take action then we might have hope. Until then forget it. If there was so much potential why isn't management and the Board buying shares. Tell me. Obviously your not buying into it.

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      • And you are obviously a person with his head up his butt.

        So, anyone who posts anything saying that the stock is undervalued or that there is a positive outlook is a shill? Take your head out of your butt and try using the brain God gave you for a change.

        I don't care what anyone has said for how long - I look at what the financial statements say today, and they say the shares are severely undervalued at the current price.

        Maybe for the past few years the problem has been that the company was posting losses? Ever consider that? Now the company is posting profits - the shares should trade higher. Eventually more people will take notice, buy shares, and the stock will go up. Right now, the stock doesn't trade much - so the price isn't going anywhere.

        Maybe it's time for you to go review your first couple posts on this board. I'm sorry that the stock doesn't move according to your personal schedule - that's how the market works. If that doesn't work for you, then I suggest that you get out and don't participate.

    • SOMETHING is missing - ALL that say the company is undervalued - instead of raising your voices - BUY !!!!!!!!
      i DO NOT see ANY volume ?