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  • forestgunk forestgunk Oct 3, 2002 4:00 PM Flag

    as soon as the elections are over

    No, my friend, it will not be "over" until...

    1. The United States has an energy independence policy that weans itself from the OPEC oil tit, and focuses on alternative energy technologies.
    2. We see crooks like Ken Lay, Fastow,et al. not just indited, but behind bars.
    3. There is affordable health and drug insurance that protects our aging population.
    4. Until our borders are closed to illegal aliens, and our immigration laws protect and work for Americans.
    5. Israel and Palestine are separate states, recognized and protected by the United Nations.
    6. We elect politicians who are accountable to the people and not the special interests of big corporations, their money, and their lobbyists.
    7. We rid the world of terrorists who would destroy our last, best chance for democracy.

    But don't worry, the chances of Jesus Christ coming to earth before all this will happens are far greated.

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    • 1. The United States is energy independent.
      The policy that supports the OPEC oil cartel is bad for America. Vote Republican on 11/5/02 to invest in alternative energy technologies.

      2. Crooks are getting indited and should be behind bars. Vote Republican.

      3. There is affordable health and drug insurance that protects aging population. It is called Medicare and Medicaid. Let us fix it for good on 11/5/02. Vote Republican.

      4. Borders must be closed to illegal aliens and immigration laws should protect Legal Aliens. Vote Republican.

      5. Israel and Palestine are one state. Israel must be protected by the United Nations and the world. Anyone indulging in Terrorism while demanding independence should be declared a Terrorist and banned. Palestine will never be viable. Israel is the one and only acceptable solution. Vote Republican.

      6. Elect politicians who are accountable to the people. Participate in democracy. Dont let companies or groups buy the politician. People can out contribute the companies with money, and lobbyists will turn into politicians. Vote Republican.

      7. Rid the world of terrorists. The best crave for democracy. Vote Republican.

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      • VOTE REPUBLICAN... IS NOT THE ANSWER DING BAT!! It never has been and more than likely never will be.
        The real problem is IDIOTS like yourself who believe the more we (THE USA) blame everyone and anyone who disagrees with RIEGHT-WING thinking are somehow the problem... THAT, you bonehead is the REAL problem!!.
        R. Limbaugh is NOT after solutions to problems.. rather he's out to BRAIN-WASH morons like yourself who blieve any old thing he says. WAKE UP and stop being a DOLT!
        AS for Citigroup... sorry you longs, it's TOAST!

      • I would never vote repulican. Both parites are a joke, dems are the lesser of the two evils. This country is becoming a joke becauese of the two parties, but I lay the blame on the repulicans.

      • America did, in 2000, and look at the mess the republicans have gotten us into.

        You have it backwords Vote Democrat or it will be all over for us all.

        The republicans only know one thing -keep the companies rich and the working class poor.


        P.S. the republican working class include the CEO's down.

    • Amen to that...

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