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  • budicecream budicecream Oct 7, 2002 7:49 AM Flag

    This is Hillarious

    I hear Sandy Soprano and Joey Batataglia and Johnny Gofugabagodonuts are teaming up with crosstown goodfellas at JPM,MER, and GS for a big Family Pow-Wow to straighten out da markets.

    Da Feds are all over these gangsta crews and can't wait to book-em all on racketeering charges.

    Da Big Doms and der capo made lewd-tenants are shakin in der boots. All afraid of losing their homes in the Hamptons and taking up residence in John Gottis old cell.

    Am afraid they will take a chapter out of Slick Willy's play book and go to the scorched earth plan that brings the whole house down on the entire world leaving everybody bankrupt (except them - they've stashed plenty of cash and gold to weather the storm) while the politicians are left with a financial doomsday scenario.

    Look for these Doms to shuttle themselves out to their Swiss Mountain chalets when the noose starts to tighten and the subpeonas begin to drop.

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