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  • budicecream budicecream May 26, 2003 6:54 PM Flag

    Is America Eating Its Young ?

    Is BIG Business and The US Government sacraficing its future by eating its own young? You be the judge, what say yea?:

    (1) Low paying or NO jobs for college graduates.
    (2) Exporting every conceivable entry level job to Asia.
    (3) Making it nearly impossible, except for the very wealthy, to send their kids to college. And then when they graduate: "here's a spatuala - ready to flip some burgers."
    (4) Offering easy credit in the name of "short term" profits, enslaving young people to debt and indentured servitude forever.
    (5) Tell me how a young person today can afford a car payment, a mortgage, and high risk insurance on $8/hour?
    (6) They see their parents in financial and emotional straits, getting laid off betwen 40-50 and wonder what The American Dream is all about.
    (7) They see uneducated basketball players skip college and sign with Nike for $90 Million right out of high school and wonder: "Where do I go to stand in THAT Line?"
    (8) They see a guy by the name of Tiger hit a little round ball on TV and make millions before he is 25 and say: "Where do I go to school to learn how to do that?"
    (9) Then when reality sinks in they go down to the local Army recruting office and told they are unfit to serve their country because their parents doped them with Ritalin half the

    Welcome to TOMMY's HOLIDAY CAMP !

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