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  • loftyroe loftyroe Sep 11, 2008 6:23 PM Flag

    Cramer Calls Citi one of the

    Black Holes in Finance. Vikrim Pandit a candidate for his "Wall of Shame".

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    • the crammmer is a bonehead.but on citi we agree. they are hiding 1.1 trillion $ worth of crap.and the govt is letting them do this fishy accounting because the dont want to have to bail them out right now.well the cant these shitt assets forvever.and as soon as lehman is toast.the vultures will turn to merrill and citi.

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      • You guys are barking up the wrong tree.

        I certainly hope the fk...SEC gets there act together with the Naked Shorting Selling, that is probably the bigest travesty in this game..

        I hope someone is watching the comments frm the Crame's the Gasparino' and everyone who goes on CNBC and basterdizes all these companies for their own gain.

        Cox and the SEC have been one useless originization in trying to calm things down. By not doing anything they have created more problems by allowing the naked short sell rule to apply and not be inforced the way it should be.

        Cramer had his hand smacked, you don't here him saying anyhting more about it.

        He can't make money for you by recomending stocks on the buy side, so now he has jumped on the band wagon of trying to bash stocks...What a fk..looser.

      • Some attention may go to MER. But, to C, no way. In fact, C has beeb pretty steady ovre thelast 6 months, as so many big and small financial companies have gone to pretty much nothing.

        C is pretty much clean now, I expect them to report decent EPS for the 3rd quater, in shot order.

    • Cramer is one of the biggest asswholes you will ever here on TV. He is one of the biggest flip floppers you will ever here. Continue to listen to him & CNBC they will lose you money big time.

      All I can say is we have a huge problem with the media and there predictions and recoemendations.

      News shows like CNBC want to make news instead of reporting the news.....Owe don't forget that pecker-head Gasparino..we just have too many characters who want to make news.......Get it...

    • He's right. Pandit is the most useless piece of garbage that the Firm ever hired. Morgan Stanley got rid of him because he was an idiot.

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