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  • smart_investor67 smart_investor67 Sep 18, 2008 5:02 PM Flag

    Your party is over you short seller scum bags!

    I'd rather pay high taxes to my government than handing over my money to some scumbag short hedge fund who should be in jail rather than in the markets. I hope SEC has enough data to locate these crooks and put them behind bars with their bosses and close down their hedge funds.

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    • They dont need data start right at the top and work your way down. It wont happen though for look at Ken Lay he got pardoned. Paulson stabbed the taxpayer in the back.

    • Get real its not the shorts that wrote the bad loans. Its not the shorts that bundeled the loans and proceeded to sell them. I would say it was the bankers and finance people who are to blame and should be punished. Why Mr Paulson do you think absorbing something that was corrupt should not be punished but rewarded by being bailed out by the taxpayer. The government must make a stand and admit there was wrong doing and not reward it on the backs of the taxpayer.

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      • Well said loggerhead. Seems that you are one of the few that understand what is going on.

        Why all the hatred on shorts? If people were smart enough to stay out of the FIRE (Financials Insurance Real Estate) they wouldnt be hurting imo. Why anyone would be long in those these days is baffling.

        Oh, and Warren Buffet has no problem with shorts.

        An audience member asked Buffet if shorting was a danger to the financial system.

        Mr. Buffett replies, "I love it when people short Berkshire Hathaway or companies we own. We get a fee for lending the stock and a guaranteed buyer has just been created."

        Seriously, if a company is a turd then short it.

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