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  • somefuns somefuns Jan 26, 2009 12:16 PM Flag

    what will happen next

    US over took British in 1940s as the superpower & made US a super rich country(yes by the smart Europeans), now the majority of the US population are Blacks and Hispanics, with 1 person 1 vote, they vote their men in the office, their men make "fairness" law to reward the failure and punished the super smart competitions, now US has evolved into a inferior free market and socialism system, compared with the extremely successful Chinese system of Command and Capitalism that brought the Chinese to the 3rd biggest economy in just a few years, yes, they don't give a damn about voters of their own people.
    i am seeing this country is breaking down(the biggest companies coming down 1 by 1,gm f citi ge......) & looks like to a point of no return, i want to know what will happen next to the US.

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