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  • ta1064 ta1064 Feb 15, 2009 4:53 PM Flag


    Until I see this stimulus package have a positive impact on my wallet, I'd give a C. I still don't have enough specifics about the bill.

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    • An inexperienced politician who is breaking many of his own promises. His appointments or lack there of are embarassing, and do not speak well of his judgment. His enthusiasm seems muffled, and he is graying quickly, along with his former blonde V.P.. I doubt many of us in this country will even notice the positive effects of the stimulus. I will be watching closely for a good entry point in the morning, the bottom HAS to be here.

    • To grade Obama in his first month of office would be naive to say the least. The Cause and Effect of any noteworthy economic policy will take a minimum of 12 to 24 months to have its full effect. Give the guy a chance, this is just the beginning, an expedient to avoid the D word, giving his economic team a reprieve to mull over what is the best course to take, since Bush abandoned ship.

      I have all the faith in Vikram Pandit in making the right decisions to navigate Citi to open waters. He is the only CEO who has opted to take $1 per year in wages until he Citi repays the full amount of the TARP funds. He has also invested $8.5 million of his own funds into Citi common stock, which also goes to manifest quite a bit about the viscerals of Citi's assets. With a market cap of $16 billion Citi is a true bargain unless you believe they won't have enough breathing room to recover. The Shorts want you to believe in a possible Nationalization so that you can facilitate their cause but only an idiot believes that Citi will be nationalized. Yes we all know that the Secondary market is frozen and only gov't can thaw this at this moment, however the world has not come to an end and the ice age is not here forever. An investor does not expect immediate satisfaction from his investments, patience is what is needed and you will reap the fruits. In two years Citi will be north of $10.

    • BO is an empty suit who hasn't a clue. God help the USA.

    • If I were comparing his honeymoon to Dubya's I'd say he's at least he's taken swifter action on "the economy" than Dubya did "against Al-queda and terrorism"!!! And not going down to Crawford, TX to chop wood when Condi Rice hands him a PDB "Al-queda determined to strike in US"

    • feleciagreggs Feb 17, 2009 1:21 AM Flag

      I give him an "A" At least he is trying to do something with this trillion dollar deficit that was inherit to him and this new administration. If it works fine if it doesn't fine, I'm sure there will be some improvement only if the companies receiving funds are honest. This problem is Huge and it will take some time people both Rep and Dems, GOP. There is not a quick fix of any kind, everyday foreclosures are happening, job losses, etc. This is a real disaster the U.S. is in right now thanks to previous Pres. and Rep who couldn't balance the budgets.

    • All you idiots voted for him. he is going to make your gandbabies, grandbabies pay for this. he is a puppet for the officials that want to delay this process instead of correct it. you can only generate so many jobs and stimulus only for a certain time. you loosers that voted for him got hooked in with his bob the builder slogan. yes we can, yes we can make this nation fall in even more debt. grade e in my book for him.
      he should be giving the rich more breaks so they can create more jobs and pay better salaries. cut from the rich so they can open more oppurtunities for the poor. the rich will always need a person to do something for them. If you make it to expensive that is when they stop producing and start shutting down. i.e. The car companies... Home builders.... And every other type of business that the government and city officials price gaouged until they were put out of business. he is helping the idiots and non-motivated individuals that get by in their lives day by day and don't want a future. i want to sit back and laugh when this all comes crashing down, the welfare workers and food stamp people.
      hope everyone is happy that the commercialism of this person won you over yet once again and you are going to pay for it. good luck for at least the next 4 years.

    • failure

    • Look at the economy!no tax breaks,biggest deficit in u.s. History,major rise in unemployement,democratic rule,or shall i say pelosi and reid!stimulis(damn sure wasn't for economy).states going broke,some can't even give tax refunds!he's damn sure got it going.

    • I'm going to wait a bit longer than 3 weeks to make that judgement, but I will say this one thing:

      He's a vast improvment over the previous President, and most of the Republicans are just nuts right now.

      I know that's setting the bar mighty low, but....

    • An F minus.

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