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  • janeenv janeenv Mar 2, 2009 1:27 PM Flag


    for suing Citibank on behalf of twice convicted of voter fraud Acorn who paid you back by registering fraudulent voters----anyway, thanks for forcing the banks and mtg companies to make massive subprimes then being against any regulation on them---thanks for running for POTUS without stooping to prove you're a citizen of this great country- thanks for being above the Constution and defying it every chance you get---thanks for committing treason twice under the Logan act while US Senator once in Kenya and once in Iraq---- thanks for not stooping to prove to US citizens that you are also a US citizen and thanks for hiring 3 law firms and paying a million dollars NOT to have to realse your real BC and instead releasing a COLB Which means absolutely nothing-----thanks for being on the payroll of Raines who bankrupted FNM and thanks for selling mortgages for votes---thanks for taking money from the Chicago poor while privatizing the Chicago Housing Authority and taking funds earmarked for the poor and splitting with Rezko, Valerie Jarrett, and Cecil----thanks for giving a trillion dollars in "Porkulus" to your lobbyists and then having the gall to wage a disingenuous war with the lobbyists "I work for the American people" while already giving them a trillion in "porkulus" and still kicking back to them under the table. Thanks for standing to your promise of the posting of any bill and waiting 5 days to sign ---thanks for jettisoning the "hope and change" and instead saying the system will implode if you don't get Porkulus pushed through immediately-----you meant to say you had to make some paybacks and kickbacks immediately Porkulus did nothing to help and now you say you'll need to give another trillion to the banks

    Our Democratic Capitalist society is at it's most trying hour in history, and we need a great leader who is a US citizen and understands capitalism and democracy, not a Socialist President who was raised Muslim Socialist schooled by terrorists and haters of the US, and wouldn't even stoop to prove he's a US citizen. Obama is the Cloward-Piven president he's going to so overtax the system that it locks up imo


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