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  • freenextel freenextel Mar 31, 2009 9:28 PM Flag

    You people must learn the truth Citi will be 50.00 after earnings

    Big money is accumulating as they were told this stock will not run until gov. is done converting. They will all be allowed to steal as many shares as they want. Who do you guys think is holding over 1 million june 5.00 calls? We know.. If stock goes to 25.00 they make 2 billion off of those contracts. Yes 2 billion. Lot's of money at stake here. That is why I think when M2M is announced she is gonna go sideways to down a tad. I know how these powerful MM's work. We have all seen the manipulation with this stock in the last few months. Hold on tight and don't sell when M2M comes out and she doesn't run. This will be the last time MM's have a chance to steal your shares. Of course, all jmho

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    • IF CITI trades sideways or down a bit after M2M annulement many will dump shares & confidence in overall market will seriously take a hit the very least C goes up slightly 10%... M2M is ENOUGH of a game changer IMO.....

      Good luck

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      • Hope you are correct but I have seen it too many times. MM's build up your anticipation and then they don't produce and they get one more chance to steal your shares under 10.00.. Again, all JMHO

      • We longs are hopeful but the market may meet M2M if approved with mixed reviews some not really sure what to make of the new numbers based on adjusted accounting. It may look good on paper but... Right now market seems pretty emotional and reactive at the same time. If there is anything unclear, then doubt seems to creep in and of course shorts take advantage of this. Once there is a clear sign with C such as dividends corresponding with positive earning, then I believe we will see solid and more consistent gains going into double digits, more than the two steps forward and one step backward routine. Of course, I hope that this happens sooner than I am expecting it to as Free believes it will.

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