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  • regionalfan1 regionalfan1 Aug 11, 2009 4:43 PM Flag

    It's funny how

    bashers only come out of the woodwork on days when the stock goes down and pumpers are no where to be found on days like this. This board is a microcosm of society. Everybody wants INSTANT gratification. The market rewards patience over time. That's why it's impossible to time the market over EXTENDED periods of time. We all here from shorts (and some longs) how much money they made today and bla bla bla.... The question is how much money have you kept and made over 20-30 years with smart decisions and not irrational ones.

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    • Shut up already WITH YOUR MEANINGLESS POST!!!

      Get a LIFE LOSER!!

    • It's funny. But, if you look at the historical prices you can see we went up .70 (70 cents) in a bout one week. We had to go backward.

      The question is whether we have to go further backward before going forward again. What do you think?

      The reduction in short interest should mean that we could go back up before going down again. What do you think?

    • Brazen- Even if your right about the fake write ups of junk loans and a 2nd tarp, where does that lead us? Junk loans can hide for decades without mark to market and a 2nd tarp might send infltion through the roof, but what will it do to citi stock? The only thing I see for citi in the long run is upside. Yes it can and quite possibly will go down more, but those will be good opportunities to buy.

    • Goldengates beat me to it. Remember the government wants to HELP citi not drive their stock price back down and create a bad situation. That would be like somebody trying to sabotage their own success. Doesn't make sense.

    • There's only one problem. There has not been a TARP victory and there isn't going to be one. TARP II is already being laid out. TARP was designed to keep the rich richer and the poor controlled without riots in the streets. It was debated if the taxpayer would fall for it, so they had to vote twice when the 1st attempt failed, using slang like patriotic duty and complete collapse, and any other catchy phrases to capture your wallet. The taxpayers said no to TARP since day 1 knowing this. Your legislatures did it anyway. THere's an old saying: A person is smart, but people are stupid. CITI, next to AIG pilfriged the most. They couldn't pay back this so called loan we the taxpayer were promised. Now we own junk stock, just like the junk loans written up and distributed throughout wallstreet as another get rich quick avenue. You see, it's easiest to pilfridge right under their noses in plain sight. Why? Because they are too blind to see. Are you blind?

    • I'm not an Obama fan, but having said that there is very little chance that he'll want to dump shares of a company that will make him look extremely smart in the long run. Yes he was doing what he had to so the economy could stay afloat, but he's also a very smart man. He has to pay for health care and all this other stuff being thrown about and who better to help pay for it than the ones who helped start it in the first place. He'll use corporate profits to his advantage as any smart politician would. That way the public can feel vindicated from what they felt was a fleece of the american taxpayer by the bailout. As far as the rs goes, I honestly think it doesn't matter. Yes AIG went down, but it has recovered higher than where it was split. A rs does very little for the company at this point. Many institutions have already jumped in as not all need to wait for that $5 level. Short interest has backed off and top brass is buying as they know this chance won't be here forever. The question is this: WHEN will this company be profitable again? The answer is I don't know, but when the street knows I won't be able to jump in early enough. So I stay on the side of the longs and will continue to for the long haul.

    • Listen my friend...the govt didnt bail out and give Citi billions of dollars just to dump its shares in the open market. Thats not the goal of the govt..the govt is not your traditional investor.

      They want stability in the system. I would be very surprised if they even entered the open market to sell their holdings. Expect a private offering where large private investors buy up the governments shares. It wont happen now...the govt can easily affors to wait until C is $10.

      That way...they are able to claim victory in their TARP investment. Not by selling in the open market and taking a loss on their shares which are priced at 3.25.

    • wow, a rational conversation, thank you.

      Brazen, you may be proving me wrong here, and I appreciate that.

      ...please continue


    • Some are on their game though and predict at open.

      09:36 am I anticipate C is going to give up about 40C today. eom.

      • 1 Reply to brazentrader
      • The thing about it though is that you've been saying on most of the runup also. I'm not argueing with you, but you were right today and I was wrong. Yesterday I was right and you were wrong. What will it be tomorrow? I don't have the slightest and really could care less. I'm trying to become rich 1 year at a time instead of day and I think it's the ONLY way to successfully invest. I can't rely on guys like Bve and Cramer to make me fast money. I've played that game and lost before and the smart thing is not to play it. Don't watch this thing everyday and say well "I lost such and such today." That brings out the emotion and people including me make irrational decisions when they are emotional. (both short and long) I'll be dollar cost averaging in and won't regret it in a few years.

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