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  • mtrushless mtrushless Aug 20, 2009 12:55 PM Flag

    Great read about C -

    I cannot take credit for this posting. I found it on the Google finance site, but it makes a lot of sense to me and thought it was worthy of consideration. Enjoy:


    History Will Repeat Itself...
    Piggy-Back On The Government's 34% Share... Buy Citigroup!
    Now that the stock has reached $4.13, up 9% in less than two weeks,maybe you can see the method in my madness... And the method... Well, one source of it is piggy-backing... We always hear about people piggy backing fantastically successful, and even more fantastically famous investors... Buying stocks because of Warren Buffett, or George Soros, or Paul Ikon, because they buy them, maybe you should buy them... So, what if I told you that by buying Citigroup, you're piggy backing on one of the greatest investors of all time... That's right... Citigroup's largest share holder is an institution with a killer track record... And you know what I'm talking about?... I'm talking about Uncle Sam, the U.S. government...
    Yeah... I'm saying it right here... The feds are better buyers than Buffett... Unbelievable... No... More like an enhanced eureka moment, if you're familiar with the history... You see, Citigroup (C) isn't the first stock where the government has made money for itself and investors with the bailout... Maybe you don't believe the government is capable of doing anything well... I want you to put your ideology aside for a second... I want you to look
    at some facts...C, to me, in 2009, looks a whole lot like the last big basket-case the government rescued, Chrysler, in 1980...

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