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  • foul_flavor foul_flavor Sep 5, 2009 9:46 AM Flag


    The 33% government commitment is a good reason to be in here. That dirt bag Marxist president is spending our children's futures. So we might as well try to get a piece of it back. This may be the only spending the A-hole has done that will end up making sense.

    They called Bush a "chimp!" Now we have the real thing thanks to those liberal/progressive socialist bastards!!!

    I wonder if the Muther F'er handles his own finances like he is handling ours? His ugly freakin' wife would never permit that! Guaranteed!

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    • Speaking kindly you are a hatemoger and biogot
      I don like liberals 2 but by the way you expres yourself you bring shame to conservative cause
      Looks like we a bunch of pesants and uneducated people

    • For the first time in my life I am afraid for America... God help us! We are in the hands of the devil and his ilk.


    • Only the WWF crowds would buy all the horsesh!t that the Fox Noise channel spits out.

      Just like Jerry Springer, the WWF and Fox: great ratings based on not so great minds. They may indeed think alike, but that is a scary thought. (That last sentence has a number of those aforementioned brainiacs really thinking....).

      Clean the cheetos off your remote and off your junk and try to, I don't know, read.?.?. But that liberal meida is probably up to their old tricks and is busy printing words, which undoubtedly hampers things quite a bit for your likes.

      Stay down south: the weather is great!

    • They wanted Bush out and now they want to bring him back to blame him for Obama's failed policies. Well let me tell you it ain't working. Read the polls. BTW those Bush wars are now Obama's wars, they continue and are getting worse since Obama took over. Obama is the king of wasteful spending. The numbers prove it! Keep talking though your hats and keep sinking in the polls. It works for me. Obama is not a good leader and not very bright.

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      • "blame him for Obama's failed policies"...well the only thing he has had time to work on is the shambles Bush left us. Please tell me, mega_not_so_genious what did Bush leave behind that was good? I can count off 5-10 really big ignoramous things he did (like start a war on false pretense, whoops? That sounds more like "failed policies" to me). And not much good.

        Those dropping poll numbers are because he's having to sift through some real sh!tty trash left over from the last 8 years: you may have forgotten we're now bogged down in 2 wars, we've fought off a global recession, we're re-learning not to torture...the list goes on.

        Please list off these wasteful spending things you are talking about....the last 8 years when we went from the biggest surplus to the biggest deficit seems more wasteful to me. And that does NOT count the price of the wars! Get real, buddy. Or can you not since you think Obama is not a citizen?

        And you saying how "not very bright" Obama is, is classic. Let me guess, Sara Palin's been framed too.

        Every day an idiot is born, and then they have to brag to you about it!

      • Back to the sinking polls...the only thing these knuckle heads have to look forward to. That, and saying 'no' to any idea that comes out of Obama's camp. It won't work forever, but in the meantime you can keep watching the polls.

        Oh, and I suppose you would want Obama to just pull up stakes on those little wars over there. That should be easy, and I'm sure you wouldn't cry (like I see you babies from Glen Beck to town hall stagers) every night on the tube because the withdrawl was done irresponsibly.

        I would have immediately labled you a southerner for your stupidity, but maybe it's Wisconsin: you must have a lot of cheese with all the Whine.


    • Did you forget about calculating Bush's war into the budget (something that has never done before until now) & then Bush's bank bailout money? You must have. And you must have also forgotten that under Bush we went from the biggest surplus in our nation's history to our nation's biggest deficit. Those little details make up a lion's share of the budget shortfall you are so angry about.

      So yes, you should be angry, but honestly most of your anger should be at those spend easy Conservatives that were in power before now.

      Just honestly look at history over the last 30-40 years. Who has been in power, in the presidency and the house and senate more often? Look it up.

      So the Republicans who have been in power most of the last 30-40 years drive the truck in the ditch, almost wreck our economy, nevermind the world's economy, and now you're ticked off with the size of the tow truck. Ain't that America.

      Back to my old saying: every day a sucker is born...and then they have to brag to you about it!

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      • Yes we all know liberals don't believe defending the US and maintaining US sovereignty is a worthwhile pursuit. But that's the number one purpose of the federal govt. "Bush's war" cost a very small fraction of the pork Obama and the libs are now and want to spend on fruitless and sure to create more debt in the future liberal feel good policies from extremely bad energy policies to more social programs. Let's look at the history of a few liberal policies and debt.

        Freddie Mac & Fannies Mae - lib policy - status - insolvent and the core of the current economic situation - subsidizing loans to anyone who couldn't afford them.

        Social Security - liberal policy, status - insolvent.

        Medicaid -liberal policy - status - insolvent.

        Btw, Bush didn't veto stemcell research - he vetoed the govt subsidizing it. Big Pharma is better at research than the govt. He should have vetoed all govt subsidies.

        It was also the republican congress lead by Gingrich that kept Billary's attempt at socialism in check generating the budget surpluses. Barney Franksucker and crew don't understand the phrase "budget surplus".

      • So what you are saying is that when the dems are in control the US gets screwed up with programs that are never designed to pay for themselves and it takes the Republicans to spend all their time in power fixing it.

      • "Just honestly look at history over the last 30-40 years."

        you're asking way too much. these a$$holes never honestly look at anything.

      • IS bush's war making us any profit. seem like the gov will profit from this bail out soon or later

      • Another post of choose up sides and divide.... Folks need to understand this isn't Republicans and Democrats or Democrats and Republicans, its all about them and us.... We the People in our infinite wisdom have elected 535 representatives which we thought would represent us. However they have chosen to fill their pockets from the graft derived from pork barrel recipients. Are you happy with this outcome?
        Personally I wrote to my Senators when the Social Security Prescription Plan was pushed through under the Bush Administration and also resigned my membership to AARP when they announced their endorsement to that plan. I'm an old guy, they aren't gonna get to much more from me, but my kids are going to have to pay for the continuing giveaways that seem to only become larger and more frequent. Our Senators and Representatives, period, no single party, have allowed themselves to come under the influence of Spending Highs and we need to convince them to kick the habit or move on!
        Time to stop taking sides and begin replacing life long career politicians that are stealing the futures of our heirs. With 350 million of us out here doesn't make sense that we should be led around as though we have a ring in all our noses. Complaining to one another does no good. Dictating to those we sent to DC should have some affect or they should be replaced.
        I suggest we quit arguing with each other, neither of us can change the spending bills that are being written, but together we can change those that are writing those bills.


      • Couldn't have said it better. Run Sara P run. Everyday these knuckle heads thrust another idiot in the spotlight (think t-baggers, birthers, Glen Beck, Rush & Anne Coulter) fewer and fewer want to say they are Republicans. Who would want to look like that? and I agree. Maybe a common sense party can emerge once and for all that demands action from the politicians.

        In the mean time, get real and give Obama room - he's only been on the job for less than a year.

      • It 's blind racism that is fueling their hatred for out first African American president. he is smarter than Bush 1&2 & Reagan all put together. His wife is also smarter than Nancy ( who supported stem cells whcih was W's first veto after 6 yrs. in office)He never ever vetoed any GOP spending pork barrell bill. He let Cheney be President. They proved their tresonous ways when the outed a covert CIA operative for poitical purposes.

        The right white wing of the GOP cannot accept the Fact that America has a Black Prez. period that's it in a nutshell.

        My Problem with Obama is he better forget his academics and get down and dirty into the street fighting mentalitiy and face the facts that the GOP hate his very essense because he is a part of a discriminated minority. I am white and ashamed of my country and the White faction of the GOP who are racist to the core! Just look at how many Latino's , Blacks, Jews adn others who are menbers of the GOP.

        Wake up folks we are in the middle of the second American civil war! The ignorant versus the intelligent

    • You're not alone. Many of us are angry out here.

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