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  • mtrushless mtrushless Sep 5, 2009 11:44 AM Flag


    sorry, I hardly know who those people are. And I watch the TV and read the paper almost daily so I know they are mostly a figment of your Right=Wrong imagination. No, I don't watch Fox Noise, but amazing how otherwise their names hardly come up except from the right wing extremists trying to connect the dots. Where were those dot connectors when we marched off to war on false pretenses? Or before the economic meltdown? Just a question.

    None of those people listed (well, since I hardly know them I can say with most certainty) are having exclusive meetings at the white house like the nut jobs on the right frequently got with GW, for political / religious reasons (remember secret meetings with big oil, religious nuts, and of course the right wing nut job radio hosts got to meet at the white house for marching orders all the time).

    You saying Obama is the worst president since so and so proves your ignorance: give the man a chance. Open your brain for a second to consider what you're saying. What would you want if you were stuck in a new job? For people to be railing on you for every decision? He hasn't started any wars yet, so let's just cool all the crazy talk and get back to reality.

    But since it sounds like you are one of those town hall cry babies that can get all lathered up at anything presented in front of you on Fox Noise (which I really call the SciFi channel), I am not holding out much hope.

    Good luck on C though.

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