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  • a_sergeyevna a_sergeyevna Oct 7, 2009 10:42 PM Flag


    You guys are still deluded. Why do you hide your head in sand? Until 2011, what Obama is doing now is trying to stop the bleeding that Bush started. However you cut it, Bush blew Clinton's surplus and racked up ^ trillion in debt. The consequences don't disappear because there was an election. Be fair.

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    • Stop making excuses. We need to stop the damn spending! Bush is gone! This president's policies are exacerbating the problems. Cut the taxes and cut the government that caused this problem in the first place. You idiots are so in the tank for this guy you can't see over the rim. Let me tell you what is there. A long drop!

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      • The tax cut delusion still.That mantra was invented by a campaign hack, who was debunked by economists; yet Republicans don't want to leave the idiocy alone, because it makes their base feel good. Cutting taxes does not grow revenue. It defies logic. It merely gives the wealthy (who are usually the beneficiaries) more money to hide.

        The problem now is that there is no government. Bush and Cheney sourced out every aspect of government to their friends at 10-15 times the cost of retaining those services in government hands. The massive corruption from there is part of what Obama inherited. Investigate what i'm writing, and don't merely be an Obamaphobe. The hole we got ourselves into in the 8 years of Bush will be difficult to fill. And remember that the war was fought with no accountability. Its figures were conveniently kept out of the books. Obama must have shot himself in the foot by incorporating those figures and the interest accruals from them in his accounting. That's part of the negative ledger he's carrying. I don't envy him. If anyone left such a deep whole in the company I'm supposed to run, I'll pass, because human memory (as you demonstrate) is short. You will be blamed , because people always want to forget & erase that which hurt in the past.

    • What a dumazz:

      If Obama is dealing with Bush's policies, then Bush was dealing with Clinton's and Clinton was dealing with Bush Sr/Reagan, etc., etc., etc.!!!

      Clinton had no surplus; it was phantom accounting, MORON!!! Much like m2m...

      People like you are what foreigners laugh at when they think of Americans since Americans believe theri own BS!!!!

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