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  • a_sergeyevna a_sergeyevna Oct 30, 2009 2:30 PM Flag

    Man I hate Obamanomics....

    With your "negros" you've shown what the problem is with you. You're a little weenied racist finger-biter, whose insides have been boiling because a black guy is now POTUS. Your two aliases that you've used so far also say something about you. It is impossible to converse or argue with a declared racist pig, because nothing will wash off his stupidity. I rest my case.

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    • obama is white how can anyone claim racism against him? It policy dummy and democrats in their quest to not stand up because of race are allowing the country to be undermined with communism ideals.

    • You know most of us are disgusted with what Obama is doing, he and his commie mafia are trying to turn this country into facism.

      He isn't going to send many troops, he doesn't care about them, this commie gov. wants more and more powers which the constitution doesn't give them, they want to take over and dictate what the news will be, take over business, set pay scales, took over car companies and raped bond holders, control of the internet. Maybe because he is black that is why he is doing what he is doing to this country, he hates it, and brother I now hate him, we are not going to let him get away with what he is doing.

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