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  • trade_4_somegreen trade_4_somegreen Dec 11, 2009 1:05 AM Flag

    Recession elsewhere,booming in china

    That's a lie, when is last time u were in walmart! everything sell in walmart made from china! I shop walmart everyday It's look like a graveyard last coupple weeks so tell me how china stuff were sellinng in walmart? recession is over?! ha ha international or emerging market is a good investments tell me about it folks..

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    • You are correct, retail sales are down along with foot traffic across all sectors. You are not correct in stating that China is doing well. There exports are down substantially and the nation has suppressed the unrest that is growig in that country. China has a terrible jobs crisis. The reports in the media on the BRIC countries is geared to get investment money there. This has nothing to do with you making a profit, it has to do with the financial sector keeping there jobs and the media keeping its advertising. Overall the American public is aware of this and most are keeping there money in there pockets. Sadly the cash for clunkers is highlighting the still poor economy as repos are on the rise and most of these are cash for clunkers. Sadly many now do not even have there old clunker to drive and there new vehicle is a repo.

    • Which Walmart (town & location) are you talking about ?
      It makes a difference as to where
      it's located.

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