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  • c1smittycc c1smittycc Dec 30, 2009 8:46 AM Flag

    it is 17degrees here cold Global warming

    will kick in about noon the sun will start warming things up. Dallas Tx had snow due to the global warming and the United Nations wants 100 billion dollars insisting if no global warming we need it for global freezing. I think itis a money grab What do you think

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    • Wow , im pissed.... Second time im having to type this cause yahoo ate the first time.

      First off , I have not made any statements arguing for or againt global warming. I only made a point against you using Dallas as your example when you obviously were mistaken. That in no way makes me one of the kool-aid drinkers but you obviously need to say whatever you can to make yourself feel better.

      Ok , now about my reading comprehension. You obviously dont have the first clue what the definition of reading comprehension is. I would suggest google. I will tell you this , not reading the last sentence in a statement has nothing to do with reading comprehension. Again , you failed miserably.

      Lastly, I dont *gauge* snow accumaltion by how much actually sticks. Pretty sure I never made a statement that could be construed as such. All I said was that we have on avg 2.5 inches of snowfall each year and most of it does not stick. It did not stick yesterday. At all. Now , you could have used last Thursday as a better example since we had blizzard like conditions in some areas. Of course , none of it stuck then either. See , im not saying I gauge snowfall by sticking , im merely pointing out that each year we get snowfall. Each year , majority of it does not accumulate. This year is no different... Do you see the little dots connecting my points ?

    • LET US ALL FACE IT!!!!! DEMS ARE A CANCER, THROWING ARE MONEY TO THE WIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YEP DEMS WANT MORE MONEY, TO SCREW US OUT OF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not going to argue global warming but Dallas has snow EVERY year. It just never really sticks , like last night. Don't use examples when you have no clue.

    • Typical liberal Hillary offered the $100B to "poor nations" (is she admitting the poor here are rich by comparison?) because the earth's temperature fluctuates. What's next? $200B because the days are getting longer as we head into summer and then shorter again as summer heads back to winter? Must be man's fault for these fluctuations in daylight.

      Strangely on PBS last night their was a show on called the "Power of the Poor" or similar. It wasa documentary on how Peru is prospering through capitalism by the cleaning up and documenting property rights and contract law. It said the same thing happened in Switzerland over the last 100 years.

      Rather than give the poor a $100B fish, they might be better served if they were taught how to fish at a fraction of the cost and a much larger return for all. But then you can't maintain a voter base if they're not enslaved by your party's handouts.

    • If you take the time to read any one of the tens of thousands of independent scientific research papers on global warming, you will see that part of global warming research indicates and predicts stronger storms both in the winter and the summer. Yes it is cold. W still have ice caps and our globe is still tilted at an angle creating winter and summer....

      Global warming does not predict an end to winter. It predicts warmer average temperatures around the world on a global scale. One thing I have noticed in the northeast is that while we obviously still have winter, we also have many many more ice storms and many more days where the temperaturss can get into the 50s 60s and even 70s in the middle of the winter days after a freezing spell.

      Anyway... what does this have to do with C, which is falling apart and is in a deep freeze....

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      • Did you also know the earth's tilt has changed 17 degrees? They say the poles are shifting.. but they really don't know.. maybe it's all the metal we have in America with our cities and cars and what not throwing the world off balance?

        Also.. the ocean has deep currents, which are on a 30 year cycle.. which cause the top waters to get cooler/warmer depending on the cycle..

        Let me guess, our ocean liners are afecting these currents too?

        It's very egotistical to think we have any efect on mother nature on a global scale.. Our total pollution compared to what happens in nature is comparable to one person standing in the middle of an enclosed football stadium and farting.

      • You actuality think Republicans can read.

        You forget they elected George W Bush as President and mock President Obama because he uses a teleprompter.

        Being able to read is a liability for these guys’!

    • Think outside your area code.

    • Nothing more than politicans wanting to control EVERY aspect of wour life and lining thier pockets in the process. DA.

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