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  • hopping_on_bandwagon hopping_on_bandwagon Feb 2, 2010 5:20 PM Flag

    No way they let it close above 3.40

    I was at the racetrack the other day. Hadn't been to a track in about 15 years. One of things I enjoyed when I frequented the track in the past is that, when the horses cross the finish line, there was always at least one old-timer who - while ripping up his ticket in disgust - would insist to anyone within earshot that the jockey on his horse had purposely let up. In other words, the horse he picked would have won except the jockey intentionally decided to lose the race. Guess what happened when I was at the track this weekend. Exactly the same thing. Some people will always believe in conspiracy theories, especially if it can help explain their own ineptness. HOP

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    • Hey Hop-along and all the other simpletons---if you don't realize that the markets are manipulated, go try another hobby. How would Goldman Sack-in-the-mouth make 100 million/day in trading if they didn't use their power to move the PPS where they want it to go? Isn't it interesting that their stock was crushed when it was decided that they would be paid mostly with stock? Interesting. Do you think every investor suddenly decided to sell at the same moment to drive C from 5 down to 3.15 in a matter of days? Sorry for your simple mind Skippy.

      The question is not IF they are manipulated- it's WHY they are being given the freedom to do so. Having washington regulate the finance industry, is like having a linebacker regulate the Ballet. It's about 75% incompetence, and 25% lobbying.

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