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  • farawaylife farawaylife Feb 22, 2010 3:19 PM Flag


    because this party is CONTROLLED by RUSH LIMPSTICK and brain dead Sarah Palin. How can a party with this type of leadership survive. No chance. FOX may continue to promote the lies by Republican leaders, but that will not be enough to save them. Remember Soviet Union had Pravda (Propaganda machine) and Republicans have FOX, same shit. LIARS DO NOT WORK IN A DEMOCRACY.

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    • With the debt the country is accumulating I hardly think that is an accurate assessment. Our current situation is one where the only entity with money is the government and they have to print more each day.

    • The question is, are health insurance companies dead?

      Seriously, if Obama's health care plan passes, then we are looking at the government having the power to roll back rate increase while at the same time requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. The economics don't work. If Insurance companies are just paying out more but cannot raise premium rates, they are doomed.

      C is not an inusrance company but the failure of the big insurance companies will impact the banks and the economy again. Just when I thought it was time to get back in, it looks like its still time to wait and see.

    • wow sound angry...everyone can call people about debating the policies

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