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  • greeock greeock Mar 18, 2010 9:25 AM Flag

    OBAMA is a Clueless, liberal Socialist

    All these turkeys (Obama, Pelosi, Reed, etc,) follow Karl Marx's communist doctrine which goes to the effect of, "To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability to pay". In other words, I work my butt off to do well in life, but then the socialists want to take my hard-earned money and give it to the low-lifes. These guys should all move to France or Bongo Bongo. They are not true Americans.

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    • Yeah..he is SO Just under a Year he (1) Saved the Auto Industry (2) Reformed Wall Street and (3) Saved the Healthcare system in this country.....NOT BAD for 12 months work...ohh and #4 made the Rich pay their fair share !

    • Ah, we've been doing that for years, they just want you to give a little more.

    • Totally Agree. Im glad people are starting to see the light and are no longer blinded by the messiah.

    • You are actually dead-on. I have no doubt that these people grew up reading Marx and Lenin. However, they became wealthy and successful; particularly so with Nancy Pelosi. They are classic millionaire socialists. It's all about control at that point, where they truly believe that they are the smartest people alive, and that if the obstructionists would just get out of the way, the world could live in perfect utopia. The difference is, they get to still live in their oppulent palaces, while the rest of us live in Government-owned housing. It simply ends up going against human nature. The only way this all can work is to force it on the people and then control them in the way it was done in the Soviet Union.

      Now laugh all you want in the belief that this is America and nothing so absurd could happen. In every place where this started, it began with the best of intentions. It sounds all so wonderful in theory, but it has never succeded.

    • Here's an idea! Why not let everyone who needs money just print it on their local printers. This way they can save the gov't billions and solve the housing problem, because everyone will have everything they need, all the time.

      Like the Eagles said, "Everything, all the time, life in the fast lane". Better yet, we could make the Monopoly money legal tender!

      BO is writing checks that are going to bounce like a rubber chicken.

      God Help Us All!

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