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  • greeock greeock Apr 5, 2010 7:07 PM Flag

    UNIONS should be outlawed

    These blood-sucking lazy-as* union workers who think they are entitled to high wages, premier health benefits, lots of room to slack off during the day, and require 5 guys to do the job of one competent worker, ought to be sent to the gulags.

    Unions were perhaps necessary in the 1930's, but they are so last century it's pathetic. Whatever happened to self-reliant Americans? Unions bankrupted GM, and now we all have to bail out GM and Chrysler, all because empty-suit, liberal socialist, effete, weenie Obama craves the union vote. Remember all this in the next elections - both congressional and presidential. Get rid of all these union-oriented dems with their "they're all helpless, hopeless dweebs who need to be supported by taxpayers" mentality.

    Amercia. It's time to get some stones again. Jeez. Pretty soon we all be living in one big glorified San Franciso nanny state.

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    • Republicans,,,stupidity from the head to the neck.

    • They went Bankrupt, so they could rewrite the Union Contracts and make them take major cuts in salary and benefits... It was the only legal way to do it, Ford didn't go bankrupt, but rode the coat tails of the other auto manufacturers and renegotiated their contracts to within reasonable terms...

      About time, there is another shoe to drop yet... Auto will have another round of Layoffs. It's coming...

    • If you need a great example of what unions can do... just look at Greece. The place is completely bankrupt thanks to the fact that 1/3 of the populace works for the government in one way or another, and their government union salaries, perks, benefits, have completely bankrupted the entire country which now needs a bailout.

      Then there's France... strikes every five minutes... another weenie "we're all helpless and need to be supported" type country.

      Abolish the unions, and make everyone stand on their own two feet instead of holding hands with their lazy-butt "brothers and sisters"... jeez. I mean, have you every seen a smart government worker? All unionized.

    • Without unions,you'd still be sucking asbestos out of the air in your office, and drinking lead in the water from the water bubbler. And when you die,your employer would screw your family out of any benefits you might have had coming. I'm sure you don't care about any of that stuff though, do you? As a union electrician, I get so sick of listening to ignorant asses like you talk about things you know nothing about, two years ago I lost a good friend, who was doing his job trying to restore power during a storm. It makes me sad to think he was working for people like you...

    • Ford shareholder?

    • Unions are a sinking ship. I bet all those union workers go to walmart and send there money to china.


      Honestly, unions are a good thing as long as you keep them in line.

      Just remember that US corporations made record profits per employee for the 3 years before the recession (while workers got nothing).

      Unions only make up a few small percent of the workforce anyway...and Auto workers are like $15-16/hour for shift work in 100 degree plants.
      ..not a cushy job.

      It's like the argument for getting malpractice litigation under control. The REALITY is that it equals less than 1% of healthcare costs (gee, mine just went up 7% + 8% skimmed for insurance co profits)

      If they gave back just 1% increase for ONE year, we could pay all the malpractice suits in the U.S.

      Just like Union's a moot point.

      Obama will tackle the big things. Don't worry about the small and PETTY stuff ...unless you are petty (you're not are you??)

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