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  • gold_risk_06 gold_risk_06 Aug 5, 2010 2:20 PM Flag

    OBAMA: Even with Horrendous Unemployment, he will Never let the Markets Crash again as in 2008

    Yes, we can see that, unemployment is horrendous, but Obama has said, “The Makets will Never Crash Again.” He will never allow it. And as everyone can see here, Obama accomplishes what he tells people.

    Our unemployment is worse than during the lowest point of the first dip of this current job recession, but the markets are up. That, was an Obama promise, he said he will never ever again would let the market crash again as the Republicans did in 2008.

    Of course President Obama should be re-elected.

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    • I can't imagine that this is a serious comment. To think "Republicans let the market crash " and that Obama will never let it happen is just beyond comical. 1. A market crash is a free market at work and should never be messed with. 2. Obama is/has been supporting the market artificially with the plunge protection team ( or our own $) !!!!! A free market needs to trade on it's own !!!!!!

    • omg.......

    • I bet you, that more than half of US population doesn't know what Gitmo is. Do you know about Joe the plummber? something likely.

      who cares?

      Better talk plain English to make sure everyone understand.

      Keep checking the nightly news, it is a good way to learn; including slangs.

      Gitmo should not be closed, Obama is a person who uses his intellect to realize on time, when he is right or wrong. That does not make him fool.

    • The OMG was intended for gold risk's explanation of keeping Gitmo open..can't you follow a thread? That's twice you've done that to me .maybe you're just fatuous...

    • Omg (that means, oh my god, just making sure you understand:). The term Gitmo, has been used ad naseum on the nightly news everywhere for oh, the past 6 years or so. It isn't any secret slang that very few people know about.
      Now that we are talking in the same slang, Obama ran on the platform saying that he would close Gitmo, not keep it open for patriotic purposes, sheeesh. Sometimes it's best to remain silent and have other think of you as a fool, rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Really, pick up a newspaper, turn in the nightly news, and for gawd's sake, read between the lines and know when you're being BS'd.

    • Yes they were and they paid handsomely for the favor (the USG made out very well on the repayment from the banks, with plenty of interest, it did well for the taxpayers). My point is, you can't help someone out and then, after the fact, retroactively, try to force them into something that is not fair and was never even part of the agreement, after they've already paid you back, or are almost done paying you back.

    • well, you introduced the cleaning up stuff in your interpretation of it.

      Can you lend your money without any condition, stipulation? That bailout money is people’s money, Obama did right making sure demanding the money to return to people, not matter what. After all the big banks were rescued.

    • <<Yes, we can see that, unemployment is horrendous, but Obama has said, “The Makets will Never Crash Again.” He will never allow it. And as everyone can see here, Obama accomplishes what he tells people.>>

      numbnuts, without the markets there's money for business to operate on, therefore theres's no jobs for anyone, and thats how a capitalistic economy operates, unless of course you'd rather we have a socialistic economy.

    • omg.........

    • It means for you, that not knowing the meaning of a slang makes you incredibly ignorant? Do you know the meaning of all slang, well you should be very well street educated. I think Obama realized that without that prison those terrorists would be protected by the system and they would not be able to question them on their plans to kill us, isn’t that patriotic?

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