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  • rhp118sd rhp118sd Oct 25, 2010 4:58 PM Flag

    USG update

    10% of volume would be 365 million shares as of today since 10/18...1.135 billion left to go. Based on 10% of average daily trading volume (445 million) this tranch will be out in 25 days. If volume increases they should be out sooner. Then only the last 1.5 billion left until EOY. Most likely out be year end IMO.

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    • You wrote : "Then only the last 1.5 billion left until EOY" - Did not you want to write the last 2.1 billion ? (There was still 3.6 billion on the 18th of October)

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      • Why are you guys so eager for the USG to divest itself?!! Isn't it a thoughtless and a stupid idea, floated by the very bankers who caused the crisis in the first place and who cheated us all through the sub-prime mortgage and CDSs? Look what is going on with BofA after it got the govt off its back! They now tell us that they are in a much deeper/massive trouble with the foreclosure mess than Citi! The Citi Bank simply behaves better with the govt oversight than without it. Without it, those Manhattan crooks (bankers and Wall Streeters) will eat you alive!

        IT'S SIMPLY IDIOTIC TO BE FOOLED BY THE SAME BANKERS AGAIN BY BELIEVING THAT CITI WILL BE BETTER OFF W/O GOVT CONTROL! Believe me, these bankers haven't changed and are even more greedy because they voted themselves heftier bonuses after the govt was off their back; they do not work for you, they work for themselves! Just use your common sense before becoming a mouth piece for the bankers.

      • its in tranches of 1.5 billion....3.6 left as of 10/18 already sold around 280-365...25 days from now tranche four will be done...sorry 1.9 left then for tranche 5

    • I heard that the USG thought C was such a good investment that they bought another couple billion shares last week.

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