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  • bud_f0x bud_f0x Jan 22, 2011 4:57 PM Flag

    in the end cramer will tell you

    A lot of downward risk? At this price?? Cash on hand of $767 Billion, the government sold all it's shares, interest rates at all time lows, treasury spreads steepening, and there's a lot of downward risk? Not sure how much money longs will make in the long term, but low probability longs will lose money.

    Go away. Stop pretending you know what you're talking about. You probably don't even have money to participate in the market.

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    • Bud dont get caught upside down on this stock, it could drop to low $4's again - what would hold it up?? the results from last week, I dont think so.

    • wow, CITI has over 1.9 trillion in assets. haha. The problem is that most of those assets are worth far less than the 1.9 trillion dollars. Do you understand finance? Citi is in debt up to its eyebrows? It could go out of business any day. Do not listen to Cramer. He is a liar. The government would take over Citi so it would continue to exist but the shareholders would get nothing. Do you understand? Do you believe in santa claus? Citi is santa claus. If Citi really had assets that were positive the stock would not be at this price. Citi is swimming in debt and could away with a continued downturn. The pigs are eating at the trough in citi like there is no tomorrow. Average compensation is around 400k but citi cannot pay one cent to the stockholders. You do not see anything wrong with that picture. I guess that I am so stupid. The gov wants to unload those warrants as soon as possible
      and give this baby back to the stockholders. Good idea. haha

    • What do you think of MLLOF.PK?

      • 1 Reply to joecoffee55
      • not enough volume if it is a domestic company. for a play to double i like alibaba from china. it has ranged between 4 and 1.6 in the past 3 years. right now it is about 2.20. it is going up even in a bad chinese market. their sales keep increasing by over 80 percent and many chinese use taobao. it is the amazon for china. the reason the price is low is because yhoo bought 40 percent of the company a few years ago. you may also look at cim. their earning come out in the first week for february. they have a p/e of 6 and a high dividend. if this market goes south they may track far north. i like AL to run to about 1.40 a pound. in that case aa could be a 40 dollar stock. if the market dips you may look to buy aa options as you get a double magnification from the aluminum market and the undervalued stock. cramer likes this company. i really hate it when he gets into my stocks. he is the kiss of death. he should get off the airwaves. oh yes, he likes C now that it is almost 5 dollars. haha....

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