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  • Chiefs8723 Chiefs8723 Jan 26, 2011 2:36 PM Flag


    Social Security must end right. It is the easiest way to reign in deifict spending.
    Baby Boomers may be screwed but they have repeatedly voted to cut taxes instead of fund for their own entitlements. So they have made their own bed now they can lie in it.
    Taxes could see a significant decrease. The Country solvency wouldn't be in question. It is a ponzi scheme with out enough in payers.

    I want the ability to opt out of social security. paying in and recieving benefits/

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    • i would say change your name to chef, but the way you tried to solve your ss problem. i suggest you change it to idiot and put yourself on ignore...

      ps: quit watching fox noise and the rest of the idiots (rush, beck, o'reily, and others) because they are making you more stupid....

    • Idiot, wealthiest Americans spend what they like already so there is no benefit to keep giving them this tax break. They didn't spend the tax cut Bush gave them. Notice how after Bush gave them the tax break and the economy slowly went into Great Depression levels. So much for giving tax breaks to richest Americans.

    • " . . .with no effect on economic growth"

      And I no longer have to wonder why liberals think the way they think. Hey, genius! What do you think happens in the economy when rich people spend money buying goods, services, flying, staying in hotels, driving numerous cars, starting businesses, hiring gardners, maids, cooks, accountants, lawyers, auto mechanics, boats, planes, homes, and so forth? So, you say, they don't spend that much, they hoard it. Fine, where? In stocks helping companies grow? In bank accounts where the banks have more money on hand to loan you what you need to buy a car, a house, start a business? Now compare all that to what happens to the economy when government spends the same amount!

      Your level of ignorance is truly amazing.

    • "will reduce economic growth and net you less total revenue"

      Obama will tax the millionaires and billionaires and that will add 700 $billion over 10 years with no effect on economic growth. The fat cats have been taking a rocket-ride on the backs of middle class Americans for years and now it's give back time, although it likely won't come anywhere near what the wealthiest Americans have taken out of the economy.

    • You mean the tax rates that Obama has maintained over his entire term?
      The same tax cuts, that produced record tax revenues month after month.
      Seemed like every month for a year or so under Bush we collected more taxes then ever before. Tax cuts and deficits are in any way linked. Only simple libtard brains can't seem to get this.

      Deficit spending is solved by reducing spending. Tax rates are irrelevant. A slightly higher rate, will reduce economic growth and net you less total revenue and more people looking for government cheese. Lower rates bring in less per person but spur the economy, create jobs, expand the tax base and reduce the need for federal handouts.

      The tax rate has become a political tool rather then an economic tool.

      I agree with the wars, sort of.
      I don't have a problem with either war, just the way we fight wars.

      Need to go to Iraq and take them out... should take about 2 to 3 months.

      Beat the snot out of them, take out Hussein, kill people and break things and then get the hell out.

      It's not wars that are the problem, it is this obsession with nation building.

      If we are not willing to utterly destroy a country, killing thousands or more innocent people, don't go to war. If the treat is so great that we are willing to fight a war properly, declare it, fight it to win with extreme force and get out.

    • my bad DWH.....

      halfqway down is "Fraud at the heart of Social Security..very good read

    • The house isn't going to cut spending. Every member of congress and the senate lack back bone, fortitude, conviction, balls. Whatever you want to call it. They are only concerned about their own self-preservation and getting re-elected. Populism is destroying the America. What is popular will get you re-elected but it isn't always the right thing to do.

    • RE: "orphans and cripples"

      Don't you mean parentally challeged youth and the differently abled? LOL

    • cancel ,all gov pensions.that fixs the deficit.

    • DWH..the website is experiencing problems on back articles....however, if you go to and scroll halfway down to the Jan 17 article I believe you would be interested..the other two links were f/u on Jan 18 & 19...

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