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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Apr 7, 2011 8:34 AM Flag

    How times have changed

    I remember when I was a kid, one of the big thrills was to go to the carnival. The big thrills were the rides after that it was to check out all of the GEEK shows. You know, The Fat Lady, The Strong Man, The Deformed and so on.
    The biggest attraction in the GEEK shows were the TATTOOED LADY and MAN WITH THE BONES IN HIS NOSE AND EARS. I rember going to see OMMI the man monster, a shilling. He was completely tattooed, all his hair removed, teeth filed to points, and had big bones hanging from his nose and ears. He was a sight.
    You no longer have to go to the GEEK show to see stranger than fiction, simply walk down any main street and the GEEKS are there. The streets are loaded with kids and oldsters immitating OMMI. The latest thing people are doing is having their ears cut to make them pointed like Spocks or elfs.
    How people get such warped ideas of what is attractive, pretty, sexual, or what ever is a mystery.
    I'm sure these decorations keep them from finding decent employment.

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