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  • sknhds_r_us sknhds_r_us Jul 3, 2011 1:25 PM Flag

    bush legacy

    debt ceiling:

    107-S.2578 – Debt limit bill (2002)


    108-H.J.Res.51 – Debt limit increase resolution (2003)


    108-S.2986 – A bill to Amend Title 31 of U.S. Code to increase the public debt limit (2004)


    109-H.J.Res.47 – Debt limit increase resolution (2006)


    110-H.J.Res.43 – Increasing the statutory limit on the public debt (2007)


    110-H.R.3221 – Housing and Recovery Act (2008)


    110-H.R.1424 – Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (2008)


    according to the Treasury Department, the level of debt when Bush left office on Jan. 20, 2009, was either $6.307 trillion (the amount of debt held by the public) or $10.627 trillion

    don't forget the tax breaks he gave when he took office.

    the continued increase because of what they (bush administration) started for years after he (bush administration) has left. except for those who are still there. boner and others...

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    • You voted for Obama, right? Loser!

    • The debt limit was raised, allowing the Treasury to issue more long bonds, because there were buyers for those bonds: China, Japan, the EU, Mexico, Canada, and Israel among many other Central Banks.

      The Liberal Media bemoaned foreigners buying up our debt (bonds) during the entire Bush years.

      The difference between then and now is that the Fed is currently the only buyer of our own debt (bonds) and the Liberal Media bemoans the Republicans for not being in favor of deficit spending.

      But the Liberal Media has been saying for years that the Republicans are the party of debt. Was the Liberal Media lying then or are they lying now? Or were they lying then and lying now?

    • If Greece needs money, just print it like the Bobama administration does here.

      Should Greece need someone to buy Greek bonds, just have the Central Bank of Greece buy them as the Fed does here.

      The only possible downside is if there are no Republicans in Greece to blame when it all unravels, and it will.

      Printing money works, but only for a while.

    • Bush added about $2.5 trillion to the debt. The last 2 years of his term congress was controlled by libtards. Note, congress appropriates money.

      Under Bush the GDP and Tax receipts grew by about 40%.

      Let's not forget that the subprime loan crisis that destroyed the world economy was a liberal policy started in the Clinton admin by the then HUD secretary Henry Cisneros. The Bush admin tried to stop what eventually became the financial meltdown by regulating the root enablers of same, Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae. The libtards like Barney Frank and the black caucus cried racism and an attack on the poor. The libtards took over congress shortly after and the whole thing spiraled unfettered out of control thanks to liberals and liberal policies.

      Now let's look at Obomb's circus;

      Under the current commander in gimp and the libtards, the debt has gone up over $5 trillion in just over 2 years. There is no growth in GDP and unemployment has been above 9% for going on 3 years. The longest period of 9% unemployment at least since the great depression. His legacy is simply to blame Bush for what resulted from liberal policies he supported and continues to support, social programs, welfare, ad nauseum.

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      • longnshortofit Jul 4, 2011 5:48 AM Flag

        I saw Bush sign the first bill live, and his speech was capitulation. He stated that the D's had enough votes to override his veto, so he was signing it to give them what THEY wanted as soon as possible - I think I remember his words to be - to avoid any delay in Congress's clear determination.

        He was/is a gentleman. Something the D's don't know much about. He could have not signed it, and in retrospect, it would have been better. Now he wears it like a noose. Only those, like me, who watched, it remember the facts.

        Also, you short sighted Libs, he dealt with a crashed stock market that was closed after 9/11 where 1000's of Americans were killed. The economic impact was staggering, and Bush's lead made it a blip on the map! What would have Al Gore done? He'd probably be more upset about how much heat the fire added to the environment than anything else!! How come you D's are not screaming that 9/11 was Clinton's fault??? (since it was... the planning, build up and training happened on his watch while Monica was servicing him...)

      • you're not throwing TARP and 2007-08 on Democrats. They passed NO SPENDING PROGRAMS they wanted.

        Bush is the debt king of all time.

      • Makes ya miss Bush !

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