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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Jun 5, 2012 8:21 PM Flag

    Just thinking about WI and unions.

    As a company, I think the way for employers to take back their rights of the company over its employees, to be able to hire, fire, etc is that all employees come on board with a contract, say: the hiring is for a trial of 30 days if for any reason during this time the employee can be laid off; if at the end of 30 days a new contract for 6 months and renewable for each additional 6 months at the company's discretion or a new contract negotiated by the employee. This would take care of 99% of on board labor problems. This would work for both private and gov't jobs.
    Think about it.

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    • "...a new contract negotiated by the employee."

      But if yer denied the ability to negotiate what good is any of what you said, eh?


    • There should not be collective bargaining for public employees. It has led to legalized extortion from the taxpayers and a windfall for unions and Demorat bosses.

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      • I have no problem with collective bargaining, per se. It's only when they can vote their pleasure (in the form of elected officials) that the process becomes tainted. Public employees with collective bargaining rights should not be allowed to vote. That ends the incestuous relationship between politico's and the elected.

        By the way, one of the reasons I argue in favor of collective bargaining for public employees is that much the same thing has occurred in the private sector via our Supreme lawgivers decreeing Corporations are individual people. 'Tis a form of collective bargaining, too, don't'cha think? The Corporation is....dare I say this....a collective after all. HEH!

        And don't think Corporate Masters, like Union Bosses, are any less inclined to coerce the wage slaves into voting their particular pleasure, 'cause they are.

        So before you go singing and dancing over WI I think you should contemplate a phrase in an 'ol "workers" song:

        "Welcome the new Boss. Same as the old Boss."

        Same as it ever is.

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