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  • liveup40 liveup40 Jul 20, 2012 9:57 PM Flag

    It appears, Jamie Dimon sold JPM preferred and bought common

    this is exactly what I have been preaching. These people plowing into preferreds and debt of the banks are missing the boat. The risk/reward is far greater in the common equity....

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    • Did I say "C is propped up"? I said the market is propped up. C is not the market. C is where it is on its own merits.

      Everyone but you, apparently, knows that income/defensive investors are being forced into stocks in order to find yield. I listed a few stocks (above) that are now deemed "income investments" because they yield 3.5%. There was a time when I would have laughed at the idea of 3.5% being a "yield play". In fact, I see bloggers and TV talking heads constantly referring to some stock`s "juicy" 2% yield. Again, laughable.

      This is the result of the Fed`s maniacal zeal to keep the printing presses running. Heaven help us if interest rates go to even 3%. The deficit would it is, we are surviving only because the govt is paying virtually no interest on the mountain of debt.

    • Just another reason to fire Pandit. He has lied time and time again.

    • Does anyone really believe C's common stock is "propped up"? Are you kidding me?

      Yield is propped up..... yield is a bubble....

      C common stock is on sale at the dollar store....

    • I believe I already mentioned that bonds are no longer an income investment. Those who are buying them are buying capital preservation, not income. They may get neither. In fact, some sovereign issues are paying negative interest rates.

      I am not buying bonds except some small positions (less than 5% of my holdings) in well-established high-yield bond mutual funds that spread their risk across hundreds of different issuers. I have not purchased an individual govt. or corporate bond for at least three years and don`t intend to at these rates.

    • while the macro long/short hedge fund community create fear and volatility in the bnaks common equity, the preferreds and debt of the banks are going up in price. It doesn't add up...

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