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  • john_thomas_hunter john_thomas_hunter Dec 11, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    Federal Benefit Program...

    Social Security is for EVERYBODY! Not just ((((((YOU))))). That's why its called "Social" and not "SELFISH" Security!

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    • It was intended to be ONLY for those who paid into it, dummass! The thing ((((YOU)))) responded to, was straight off the SSA website, youstupidmotherfucker!!!

      "The law governing benefit amounts may change because, by 2033, the payroll taxes collected will be enough to pay only about 75 cents for each dollar of scheduled benefits."

      75 cents on the dollar because illegal aliens are getting SS without EVER having paid into it...

      SS was intended ONLY for American citizens!!! NOT ((((YOU)))) and your fuckingfreeloaderfamily!!!!

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