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  • john_thomas_hunter john_thomas_hunter Dec 24, 2012 4:45 AM Flag

    Effeminate White Libtard Men..

    And what is your plan to effecctuate that result? If you blow off 30,000 nukes, you will destroy the atmospheric envelope. If you introduce a fast-acting pathogen, you'll stampede the survivors into cowering fear and they will be far less producctive. If you decide to relocate to another planet, they won't build your spaceships knowing they are being left behind. No...there is no solution...your's is a mutant, destructive species destined to expire en masse ii its own waste

    And, yes, earth is ONLY a petri dish, a vastly more compklex interrelated ecosystem that your species has adulterated irretrievably, terminally. The example of the agar-bacteria plate was for visualization purposes...something you are obviously incapable of doing. I suppose that explains all those teachers down through history that you so blithely ignored, those femtards.

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