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  • c11ray c11ray Feb 15, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

    Time to load up

    I was wrong, I thought I had read were they had planned to do an 8 billion dollar buy back but it is an 8 billion share buyback this year which comes off their 55 billion DTA. This means it really is not costing CITI a dime. This will cause Citi to sky rocket this year and do a 2:1 split and still be $100 stock. They can't hide it for much longer and they can't put it off to 2014 due to accounting rules. The only other choice they have is to buy a company which will not happen due to they still have Citi Holding group which they are selling off by late 2014 which causes a higher DTA in Citi Group again. This gives Citi Group the same two choices again. #1: buy a company or #2: some combination of buy back stock or raise dividends or both#1 and #2 in 2014 and 2015 which will cause Citi to go up again to exceed past their high of $ 291 per share after their 2:1 split. This will probably cause another 2:1 split and be around $175 to $200 by the end of 2015. We could see 2:1 splits for three year straight. It has already started.

    Good Luck everyone

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