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  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Feb 16, 2013 6:17 AM Flag

    Tard politicians outraged over Dr Carson's talk of medical savings plans, personal responsibility, less government.

    If Americans have money set aside to pay normal market driven low prices for their medical ailments like broken legs, a flu shot, a boo boo,.... how are politicians and special interest, the government bureaucracy going to wrap these things in huge ungodly costing programs so they can get their kick backs?

    If people take personal responsibility for themselves, how are tard politicians going to buy votes by offering cradle to grave support to their constituency?

    If there is less government, how will parasitic bureaucrats survive? They have no marketable skills the free market desires.

    Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and bonobo especially (who claims Dr Carson is not really black, he's just Rush Limbaugh with some cleverly applied shoe polish) brands Dr Carson's ideas as divisive free market capitalistic crazy talk. Saying there is no call to to speak in such derogatory tones. Let's all just settle down and get back to maintaining the utopia that is the insolvent socialist state the democrats have created.

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    • Maybe you should read the article on yahoo about the ten foods you should avoid. Everything from mercury in fish, sugar substitutes, pestisides, wheat etc. help cause many of the health problems that were barely heard of in the past but are exploding today such as acid reflux, irritable bowel and celiac disease. Read the article. Maybe if we get wall street out of farming we can really start saving on our medical plans. If we are smarter on prevention we can save plenty on treatment. Like I said, read the article.

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      • Not sure what that has to do directly with the original comment. Nationalizing healthcare does nothing to reduce healthcare costs after a person is sick or to support prevention.

        Maybe you should read a little history. There was a time when foods were stored in lead containers, scurvy was commonplace, many childhood diseases are all but extinct, antibiotics cameinto use just 80 years ago, many forms of cancer are curable if caught early enough,... Acid reflux, irritable bowel, the fear of eating grains and greasy french fries seems to be small potatoes compared to the former.

        If you want to talk about prevention, smoking is a major cause of many health related issues. If we're gonna have tax payer funded healthcare, then a condition of that funding ought to be drug free, smoke free, alcohol free and the dreaded tard free stuff free.

    • The man is a very bright Doctor who understands what self-reliance is..unlike Obama and his Obamamites. I have heard him speak a few times and he really has his act together, hence the outrage from the left.

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