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  • joe_z_wales joe_z_wales Feb 16, 2013 6:51 AM Flag

    Warren Buffet Is A Menace To Civilization!

    An arrogant egomaniac, a gluttonous, predatory profitteer; a pirate, a Pick-Pocket (((and))) a child-molestor in a business suit. I shall now have to boycott Kraft ((((and)))) Heinz. What's next? Are you going to steal the swill from the pig troughs? Your mother should have turned you into the cops for that stunt all those years ago; you got away with it and your sneaky-pete mental model grew. And if my buddies who died in Vietnam knew that (((((YOU)))) were what they were fighting for, they would have turned those guns right around! That laugh of yours is the "tell" CLEARLY are impressed at your own cleverness, at your not-so-well-hidden deviousness. Your curse, Mr. Buffett: May you be reincarnated, for the next 1,000 iterations, as the 9 child of the 5th poorest family in Calcutta, and you - AND all your children - shall have to address (but never be able to correct or amend) the world-wide degradation of life that your current model has spawned. This curse shall pass to you and EVERY practitioner of that model in this time, hence. AMEN!

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