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  • charles_lacy2003 charles_lacy2003 Apr 16, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

    citi is going to surpass jpm the only bank with great results so far this year

    this is going to be exciting

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    • after awesome ER, Citi stock has not moved up as it should... don't understand why C drops 1.5% after the BAC bad ER came out....

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      • Because everyone is day trading and most of them are losing their #$%$ Most of them buy into some investment stock company that tell then what to do and they have no idea what is going on and they just want to make a quick buck on their $5000 or less investment. If they were investors they would see that Citi is gaining market shares and investments from BAC. Citi is gaining depositors from BAC and some of the other banks. Just give it some time and Citi will be way ahead. Their is just a few thing left on the table to be resolved and Citi will sky rocket. Right now you should just be buying it because in the next few years you will be kicking yourself for not buying more. Remember Corbat has the banking side down pat and is hitting on all cylinders, he just needs a little work on the PR side with the stockholders and that will come soon enough. He is cleaning this mess up that Pandit would do. Key employees are moving to Citi. Just give it some time.

    • You got that right, and Stoktor is left outside counting his pennies...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

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      • What a difference 24 hours makes when Operation Preparation H is in full sodomic force on you $580 bagholders.

        How's your foot tasting tonight miltlady. LOL

        "C has had the BEST quarterly results to date of ALL major Banks.."

        "citi is going to surpass jpm the only bank with great results so far this year"

        You're either stupid, mentally handicapped, from New Jersey or miltlady.

        JPM earned $5 Billion. C earned $3.8 Billion.

        JPM added $700 million to provisions which took away form their profits.

        C released $666 million in provisions which inflated their profits.

        JPM's revenues were $25 Billion. C's were $20 Billion.

        JPM pays a $1.44 dividend. C pays a $0.04 dividend.

        All stocks are going down.

        And of the financials, the inferior C will lead the way down.

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