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  • c11ray c11ray Jul 18, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    Cramer and his followers

    Well so far Citi is holding in there. Cramer and his followers only have so much ability and they may not be able to run Citi down this time. This will be the third day since Cramer said buy buy buy which is his way of saying dumping Citi and maybe even short it. Cramer is a fast talking con-artist. World markets are improving

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    • If Cramer thinks this is a sell at this point, he is a joke! Has not even reached book value yet. Book value will go up in value as Citi Revenue and profits ramp up. Citi will get a lot of Banking business in Iraq for Infrastructure loans, and Citi is gaining momentum in all vital Emerging markets. The Banks management is still cleaning up the mess that Weil and Pandit left behind.

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      • Cramer is the kiss of death - usually. Citi seems to be one of the rare exceptions recently. But remember... he was touting C when it was $5 (pre-reverse-split), and it promptly crashed by more than 50%. It has been a long, hard slog to get back to where it is today. He gives me a splitting headache, so I can't listen to him. If you want to torture me to death, just strap me to a chair and turn on a TV with Cramer ranting in my face. I learned long ago to never trust anyone who talks loud and fast, and Cramer is the loudest, fastest talking huckster of them all.

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