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  • ice_cold_549 ice_cold_549 Aug 28, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Liberals said Bush was a chimp

    Then turned around and elected a real chimpanzee to the White House. Idiots!!

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    • LOL Bush WAS a chimp... only most chimps were smarter. Oh... racist boy... calling Barack a real chimpanzee... what is it like inside the dark little demon possessed world of a racist bigot? Ronald Reagan... WORST president ever...hands down. The only good republican is a ____ republican. BUSH DEFINITELY THE BIGGEST idiot we have seen. Reagan destroyed the middle class... shipped our factories overseas so his republican buddies could all profit from Chinese cheap labor rates... but... republicans NOW believe in slavery... unlike Abraham Lincoln... who no doubt today would vote democrat. I think the only people who really believe republicans are the idiots who watch FOX NEWS propaganda channel from the republican party. Adolph Hitler would have loved the republicans and Fox News.

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      • I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that getting an education and/or working hard to earn a decent living and supporting your family properly free of the entitlement attitude of others hard work is beyond your upbringing and your family's long lineage of welfare existence. That you're looking for your $7.50/hr minimum wage job using your newly acquired and only skill "you want fries with that" to windfall into $15/hr minimum wage job to supplement the tax payer funded housing and food stamps you currently and are destined to live in the rest of your life.

    • And they all huffy and indignant when you point it out. Like only they have the right to mock and insult a president.

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