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  • gainmoney17 gainmoney17 Sep 3, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    Ot Prez. Obama is smart.

    The reason he hold back on the attack is because he is not 100% sure of winning , especially without the British help.
    What if the opponent retaliate and his military cant handle their aggression.

    He is just protecting the interest of his country and the people.

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    • You are as bright as your fearless leader. The bottom line about Obama is that he is a total clueless person sitting in the White House and doesn't have the first inclination as to what is actually going on in the Middle Easy, let alone right here in his own country .Even if Congress doesn't support him, he will have to hit Syria with some dismal response and then put his tail between his legs and run off to play another round of golf.

      No matter what he does, this country has taken another hit to its reputation as being a fearless honest go to partner to every nation in the world.

    • What a moe ron. He's not afraid of the US losing a battle with any weak little #$%$ ant middle east country, let alone Syria, he's trying to cover his own stupid axe for once again looking like the liberal tard-idiot he is.

      The-idiot has meddled into a civil war of our enemies with his "red line" nonsense when he should just let them kill themselves.... whether it be by gas or gun,.... saving us the expense and trouble of killing a bunch of useless muzlims who do nothing but waste space on this earth.

    • the reason he held back the attack is because he is waiting to tack the republicans onto his support team... better united in battle than acting on your own. smart. very smart. and we could turn that sandpile to a sheet of glass in a nanosecond... i dont think we are #$%$ worried about not beating the syrians. or the #$%$ russians. you are both cowards... or idiots. #$%$ citigroup... short the hell out of it. later.

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