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  • johnkur8 johnkur8 Sep 10, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    David Axelturd adopts "Bush doctrine"

    "We must attack Syria so we won't have to fight them here!"

    Wonder if the sleazoid even realizes that he plagiarized Bush....what an imbecile.

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    • and meanwhile back at the ranch the republicans are running around confused. Some of the republicans want to go to war, part of them say the American people are tired of war and do not want to fight. Part of them don't know what to do except blame or belittle O'bama because he is the only one that will not criticize them. Part of them are afraid they will loose their military industrial lobbying checks. This past year on this issue and others the republicans have been confused on everything they touch. This is the worst that I have seen in my 50 years of following politics that the republicans have been on being disorganized.

    • Progressives are the most two faced lying," Do as I say, Not as I do " tards to inhabit this earth. When you catch them in such a lie, they can only insult and disparage you without any true response. Pathetic individuals.

    • 'Tards don't like to be reminded when their leaders adopt Boosh policies.

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      • he's also channeling his inner-Reagan:

        "The key is, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, that we don't just trust, but we also verify," Obama said in an interview with CBS. "The importance is to make sure that the international community has confidence that these chemical weapons are under control, that they are not being used, that potentially they are removed from Syria and that they are destroyed."

        So much for his hard (red) line stance and necessary reprisals. This whole affair is playing out like some dismal grade B movie. I'm sure that at the end of this horrible production Obama will receive another Nobel Peace Prize for having stopped a cruise missile strike on Syria, a strike that virtually only he endorsed. Hopefully, he's learned a lesson about flapping his big indigotic gums in the future.

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