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  • sunsterr sunsterr Feb 18, 2001 7:10 PM Flag


    Fire greenspan & his fed idiot
    this guy screwed up the demand in the economy and now he
    says its an inventorey problem! You cant believe these
    idiots because they are covering up their interest rate hike
    screwups! Time to remove greenspan and his fed parots! All
    imo! Bush fire these phony experts!

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    • Texas, people have been losing jobs for years. Considering that the unemployment rate has remained steady, I dont see that you have any ground to stand on.

      I also believe in reallocation of resources (econ 101) to the best use. It is better to allow people to quickly retrain for new jobs than to "prop up" your business until it is too late. IE: the steel industry in the early 1980's . Those guys never thought the plants would close and were lied to by their own unions. Had they moved on early, some would have been ahead of the curve. Originally being form Western Pennsylvania I saw this first hand.

      Do I have to list everytime in the past 50 years that we have gone through this same situation?

      I believe by raising rates as he did he reduced the wreck that would have happened had the market been allowed to continue to grow the bubble. THAT resulting splat would have crushed the whole economy, not just some unrealized market gains.

      Dont be shortsighted. This is the best for the future. Make the best of it and dont blame Greenspan, market opporitunities still exist.

    • Oh,by the way, I am doing very well with my retirement money. It's the people lost their jobs I am worried about.

    • I agree with you that he was doing the right things until last June. .5% rate increase for what? May be all the people's praises have pumped his ego so high that he can't handle it any more. No one is God. May be in your eyes he is. You are one of them getting him into troubles like Hitler's supporters before WW II.

    • Sure buddy. The same Japanese that bought our property in the US at ridiculous prices, just like what happened in the US with stock during 1999. You just dont get it.

      First and foremost this is a normal business cycle, if you cant deal with it then get out. second, its the people who keep looking at the overvalued prices stocks traded at in 1999 that will never do well. The japanese STILL wont take responsibility for their stupidity of the late 1980's.

      And yes I do believe Greenspan is the best person for the job. And he is making exactly the right decisions. someone has to make hard decisions for the good of the future.

      It sounds like if it was up to you we would be paying 3000% interest rates like Turkey.

      Quit your crying and take responsibility for your actions. And if YOU lost your retirement money too bad for you.

    • Yes, talk to your kind in Japan. You need a lot of patience. You deserve all the treatment from Greenspan. Sounds like you think he is God.

    • Don't forget what Greenspansan did to the money supply at the end of 99". 15% increase in the money supply for Y2K and then a complete contraction of the $$ supply at the beginning of 00'. Greenspansan screwed up big time!

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      • So, if everyone on these forums is smart enough to realize that he has "screwed up", and that things arent going to be as rosy as they have been in the last 10 years, what should you do with your money? Would the wise person own stocks? Would the wise person own bonds? or would the wise person own Swiss Francs and let the dollar crap out?

        I expected this, and remain, long bonds, short stocks, and im moving into Swiss Francs, because if this turns out the way i expect, the dollar is gonna get crushed.

        I think it is funny that people have blindly accepted the statement, Stocks always perform better in the long run then bonds. In this day and age? give me a break. People that think they know what "Long term" means dont know what the discount window is and dont know or have experienced a bear market.

        I cant wait until all the bad news that is "already in the stocks" continues to come out for the next 3 quarters. Still short C and banks

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