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  • alpha10011 alpha10011 Aug 27, 2002 4:07 PM Flag

    Very bad attitudes.

    Both Mr. Ripper and dlsamg have very bad manners. Just because my English not so good is not reason to laugh at. I still would like some reason for increase.

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    • I don't own this stock, but it popped up on my screen on a watchlist screen today, so I started to look at the technicals.

      Other than the favorable quarterly they submitted for the Jun02 qtr, there does not seem to be any visible reason for the price action in the last few days.

      Some of the observations I made that may (or may not) explain:

      The stock has very little analyst coverage, therefore not much exposure.

      It is not a very liquid stock, with only about 14M shares outstanding and a float of 9M.
      Insiders hold about 36% of outstanding, and institutions (also small in number) own 56% of the float. That leaves only 4.5M for retail.

      Shorts are not a danger here, first of all, because they only represent about 1.6% of the float,and secondly, if they spring into actions because of the run up, they will be creamed in a squeeze by insiders.

      If you believe that this run-up will result in big short sales, you may have a chance to make a lot of money by just waiting it out, until the insiders put the squeeze on and the shorts run for cover. You can jump on the band wagon if you are astute and get in on the front end of the squeeze.

      Good Luck

      P.S. Maybe I'll put this on a watch-list and wait for that to happen.


    • Stop boasting. If you made that much you wouldn't post here, but would be enjoying it. It is only the empty pots which make the greatest noise.

      You are just wishing you made that much.

      People will always do what they will, and then they will learn what they will.

    • keep waiting and keep watching. SEEEE YAAAA

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