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  • kyzrsoulsay1 kyzrsoulsay1 Oct 30, 2007 10:47 AM Flag

    earnings suck

    inventories ballooning, debtload skyrocketing, and sales not including acquisitions declining...dont believe the hype this thing is a target of the consumer recession and will blowup at some point.

    might be another five years...but it will blow up.

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    • won't be another 5 years, the business model here was borrow, buy borrow, buy, now the borrow part isn't available,

      the squeeze is on, production costs going up overseas as dollar declines and raw material costs get factored in, shipping costs moving up as oil px impact shipping, and sales in US dropping as consumer cuts back,

      these guys are in big trouble imo

    • Apparently the Street does not agree with you. You sit and wait for it to "blowup" and the rest of us will be counting our profits.

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      • true, true...but what profits were those exactly?

        Stock hasnt done anyting for years - mahtin and eeean have big salaries, big stock giveaways...wall street makes money all of the great "deals" and financings these guys need to keep up the charade...and eventually only idiot shareholders like you will get stuck with the remnants because with the debt load here and the declining organic sales, blowup is more likely than anything.

        You'll notice their crap bonds are trading like crap - if the bondholders who will get paid before you are getting worried, maybe stockholders should be getting worried too?

        and by the way - that K2 thing has to go down as the dumbest move...sporting goods is marginal and especially sucks in a declining consumer environment...

        but enjoy your "profits"...

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