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  • spinnaker3760 spinnaker3760 Jun 4, 2008 4:02 PM Flag


    in my opinion, nothing more than a swindler. He was born with a MASSIVE silver spoon up his ass because his Daddy was Roland Franklin (Sir James Goldsmith's partner back in the 80's when they raped and pillaged the paper company Crown Zellerbach and made a fortune). So, little Martin, after being sent to the right schools, had daddy get him a job at Rothschild in London so he could learn to look the look and talk the talk. But little boys who rely on their rich and connect fathers rarely can actually walk the walk. Then he came to America with his little British accent and his phony British manners and he quickly bamboozled investors in one venture after another. These CRAP deals of his got bigger and bigger...and this one is the biggest yet...JAH is nothing but a massive bag of DOG SQUEEZE. Hey Martin, thank Daddy and his connections for helping you bag so many unsuspecting investors.

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    • thats blasphemous. The guy is a genius.

      Will idiot common shareholders be left with NADA in the Lehman is going to own this beauty...the sub bonds probably get wiped out.

      But doesn't make Mahtin any less a genius, he got his money and lots of it out of this thing.

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      • Yup Martin is getting rich while shareholders are losing everything, even the SEC noted it. I think Citicorp owns all the bank debt though, they will end up with the carcass not LEH.

        boy those guys taking JAH stock for the last acquisitions must be thrilled, they better sell now or lose it all.

        Compensation Discussion and Analysis, page 19
        3. We refer you to Securities Act Release 8732A, Section II.B.1. As noted in that section, the compensation discussion and analysis should be sufficiently precise to identify material differences in compensation policies for individual named executive officers. The base salary, bonus and non-equity incentive plan compensation awarded to Mr. Franklin were significantly higher than the amounts received by other named executive officers. Please supplement the disclosure to explain the reasons for the differences in the amounts of compensation awarded to the named executive officers.
        4. You indicate that compensation is based on individual contributions. Please provide further analysis regarding the manner in which you take into consideration the individual factors to structure and implement specific forms of compensation to reflect each named executive officer’s individual performance and/or individual contribution, describing the elements of individual performance and/or contribution that have been considered. See Item 402(b)(2)(vii) of Regulation S-K.
        5. Please expand this disclosure to discuss fully the role of the

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